No More Winter (Denim) Blues

No need to fear the winter (denim) blues anymore! This fall/winter season coloured denim are still rocking the streets.  Celeb style has once again brought this trend to the forefront of “whats hot!”  Rocking bolder colours then spring/summer, fall/winter coloured denim will kick start your out fit during the drab winter.

I’ve been having so much fun rocking my own coloured denim I’ve had to buy at least three pairs…oops?  Hues such as deep red, and forest green are my favourites.  I’ve found my favourite fitting pairs on a budget from Garage, retailing for only $39.90!  An unreal deal for how well they fit.  I have long legs and they still fit great!

FYI: To keep the colour of your denim looking bright be sure to first wash your pair, by themselves, with a half cup of vinegar in your first wash cycle (no detergent…obvs), this will set the colour and keep them from fading!

Watch the clip below from Roxy for styling tips and a rundown on fall/winter denim colours!


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