Yes Mom, I Made These Ornaments Myself!

Christmas is almost here and Christmas trees are going up! Found these amazing ideas on Ruche to really make your tree your own! Love a good D.I.Y project!

(All photos from Ruche Magazine Winter 2012!)


1.  To begin, pick your favourite mini plastic animals and paint them.  You can use spray paint, acrylic paint, etc, which ever you feel more comfortable using!

2. Once dry, brush mod podge onto the areas you’d like to cover with glitter.  Add glitter and allow to dry again!

3. Hang them on your tree! To do this you can ad an ornament top and glue it to the animal or take ribbon and glue it directly on the animal!


1. Fold paper into origami designs of your choice.  Google origami for instructions and tutorials!

2. Use glue and glitter to give your decoration some pizazz!

3. Attach twine with glue and hang on your tree! Easy peasy!

P.S This one’s my fav!


1. Cut out small pieces of material to place onto the ornament (even old maps, or print outs you find interesting).  It looks great if you cut each piece in a different shape.  Make some squares, some strips, even some triangles to add interest!

2. Brush Mod Podge onto the ornament and start laying the pieces down until it is completely covered.

3. Let that lil’ baby dry and then hang on the tree!


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