The Sexiest Night On Television Is No Longer A Secret!

victoriasecretfashionshowfinaleThe one show on earth I would kill to go to, the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show aired last night on CBS! The irony in it is that there are no secrets; none of the beautiful ladies seem to be hiding anything! Its all laid out on the runway for the world to see, even a bra worth 2.5 million dollars!

The show seems to get bigger and bigger each year. This year with added performances by Rihanna, Bruno Mars, and the Biebs himself!

Opening the show, and first of the six acts, “Circus” was the theme. Adriana Lima opens, walking the runway only five weeks after having a baby! Supermodel and current “It Girl,” Candice follows in all diamonds. Another famous face, Miranda Kerr looks lovely in an emerald green outfit. Of course you cant have a circus without some clowns! The power of Victoria’s Secret even makes a clown sexy!


Dangerous Liaisons is the next set, featuring a musical performance of Diamonds, by Rihanna! Rihanna looked great, donning pearl-framed circle glasses, all black outfit with lace arm sleeves and fishnet stockings. The models followed with Behati opening the scene. Ribbons, lace, feathers, and lace up corsets round out the French inspired set.


Next up, Calendar Girls! Each model represented a month of the year as Bruno Mars belted out his new hit “Locked Out of Heaven.” Erin opens this scene as “New Years,” even after some dressing difficulties that didn’t allow her to wear her hat, proves the show must go on. Candice wore red heart wings for February. March was represented by shamrock wings, April showers brought yellow rain gear on the runway, and July fourth, worn by Lily, showcased American flag wings. A back to school pep rally cheerleader theme was created for September, an October Halloween witch, and of course a sexy Santa concluded the calendar.


A break for the models came next while Justin Bieber performed an acoustic version of his hit “As Long As You Love Me.”

Now time for some fun! The PINK Ball went off without a hitch! On a “pin ball machine” themed runway, a more youthful roster of models strut down the runway in everything under the rainbow while Justin Bieber brought the beauties a beat! Pinwheel, and rodeo rope wings were my favourites. Fun outfits such as a leopard onesie, with ears, and a paper doll walked.


Taking a step back to the roaring twenties, Silver Screen Angels featuring Bruno Mars singing Young Wild Girls sparkles. Erin opens with beautiful white wings and an art deco inspired glitter bodice.


Finally ending the show, Angels in Bloom, rocked as Rihanna brought the beat singing lyrics “Fresh Off the Runway.” Candice opens with lavender wings! Everything was floral, including orchid wings on Alessandra lily pad umbrella and one model was a huge poppy! Such a great shade of red!


If you missed all the action, watch this recap! You won’t be disappointed…will probably want to hit the gym though…for the next hundred years….oh help me!


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