How to…Layer Jewelry

I’m a firm believer in the fact that accessories can make or break an outfit.  With the right amount of “frosting” any outfit can be changed from day to night, casual to classy.  Mixing and layering jewelry is hard to do if you don’t know the rules, so here’s your rule book!


layernecklace layernecklace2

  • Mix metals and lengths
  • Start with a short piece and then add layers that are a bit longer
  • End with a really long piece, this layer looks best in colour!
  • The rule of ‘3’ applies to necklaces, anymore and it could work but you’re risking making the look too heavy
  • Layer your necklaces at night, during the day keep it simple


layerbracelet layerbracelet2

  • Mix textures and styles (i.e. vintage and modern)
  • Wear the smallest piece closest to your wrist
  • Layer with larger pieces (i.e. a cuff or watch)

layerbracelet3 layerbracelet4

  • “More is more” in this case so feel free to go as high up your arm (not passing the elbow) as your style allows, even try layering both wrists
  • Mix your metals
  • Add in beaded and/or braided bracelets, small bangles, friendship bracelets, pearls, etc


layerrings layerrings2

  • Mix positioning and weights (i.e. delicate and heavy)
  • Wear your largest piece in the centre
  • Work outward from your middle finger with more delicate rings
  • Experiment with placement until you find the perfect look
  • Stack up your fingers
  • Use different metals, mix and match

Another option:

Watch this great “how to” video from Kin Style for another variation and more tips on how to layer jewelry!


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