Road Less Travelled

No surprise that this season, one of my favourite brands, Free People, have done it again!  Fall/ Winter is all about layering and they have done it the best!  Mixing lengths, patterns, and colours is always a challenge to get it right.  The key is to use a theme, core piece, or colour as inspiration and work around that! Or you can use these images as inspiration this season when attempting to layer!

PS Love what you see? All these looks are shoppable! Buy the looks here!

freepeople1 freepeople2 freepeople3 freepeople4 freepeople5 freepeople6 freepeople7 freepeople8 freepeople9 freepeople10


3 thoughts on “Road Less Travelled

  1. Hi Carly…Love your newest layering for young girls….what about “girls” that are 40 ish….not sure I could get away with this…but love the layered look. I usually have a long t-shirt or camisole then layer with sweater then an infinity scarf…..would love a different idea….thanks kiddo!

    • A long t-shirt or camisole layered with an infinity scarf is a great place to start! (You must have a very fashionable family, wink wink 😉 )

      To make this look more trendy try wearing an oversized ‘boyfriend’ fit sweater which has a chunky cable knit to it over a tighter fitting long sleeve tee and/or camisole, which ever you feel more comfortable in. When wearing an oversized piece on the top its important to be mindful and wear a tighter fitting bottom, this includes skinnys, jeggins, leggings, and tights. Sometimes when pairing multiple layers, especially chunky layers with a wider leg pant the look can look heavy and weighed down. Also the cut of the top layers is key. Layering shouldn’t show too much skin. When working with under layers, the layer which provides the most coverage should go on first and then layer over top from there (with the exception of a camisole or tank under a tee since these tend to be thin strapped or racerback and look better under using these pieces for length.)

      Adding a circle scarf (infinity scarf) is a great accessory to top this look off. If this is too warm, try wearing a necklace with a long chain and pendant on it. This will draw the eyes’ attention vertically and down as opposed to horizontally adding bulk.

      This look is great for all body types and ages. The key to layering is proportions. Always pair one oversized or chunky layer with a more close fitting/ tight layer. Also, when wearing leggings or tights, be sure to wear at least one of your top layers long enough to cover your bottom…technically tights aren’t pants 😉

      Layers are appropriate for all ages, as long as you are comfortable and warm in the winter, it’s a go!

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