How to Wear Leather Leggings (Casual)

leatherleggingsLast night I got so so excited when I received my long awaited leather leggings in the mail, I had to immediately put them on with my studded pumps and photograph them so I could share them with y’all!  This may seem like a scary trend to some, especially those who don’t know what to wear with them, but lucky for you, you have me to help!

leatherleggingshirtThe look I put on to photograph the leggings was a more downtown look, I paired them with the shirt to the right (Vero Moda Grit Shirt) and my favourite pair of studded pumps (from Wal Mart!!! Killer deal!)  You are probably going to say, “But Car, I can’t rock this look during the day!” And I would agree! Here are three ways you can make leather legging work for wear during the day!

Making Leather Leggings Casual (3 ways)

  • Pair leggings with multiple layers, wear a long sleeve (preferably a button up) under a cardigan or sweater, top off with a cute pair of flats and a simple necklace
  • Pair leggings with a denim shirt, combat boots, and a patterned scarf (I love my leopard print one!)
  • Pair leggings with an oversized sweater/shirt, and wear some flat boots
  • Key is pairing simple textures (such as cotton) with the leather
  • Wear modest accessories and keep it minimal!




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