How to Look Expensive on the Cheap!


Most of us are on a budget, especially this time of year, but it doesn’t mean your look has to suffer.  The runways are always filled with looks we want but only a small portion of us actually have the bankroll to support this habit.  Avoiding the obvious, I’ve come up with seven classic ways to look expensive without breaking the bank!


navy coat

Black has long since been a staple during the winter months, but navy has become a great alternative to take your outfit up to another level. Not only does the dark shade have great visual depth, but historically, it’s been associated with bourgeoisie activities such as yachting, horse-riding and formal dining. Details such as large lapels, and double breasting of buttons can make navy coats look expensive.

(Fake) Fur Details


Nothing says old world luxury like fur.  Back in time fur was seen as a sign of wealth and prosperity.  Being on a budget, the real deal might be above your price range; but the addition of a faux or vintage fur piece elevates your look without breaking the bank.  This season fur seems to be popping up all over the place! Stay warm my sweets!





velvet dress

Now this is a tough one, even though it can be one of the easiest ways to enhance your look, if not done right velvet can actually ‘cheapen’ your look so listen carefully! While many affordable brands have made velvet look tacky by buying sub-quality material and sewing at mismatched edges, vintage is usually a safe bet. You can find great pieces at consignment, vintage, and used clothing stores, just need to look for it!  Look at the closeness of the weave on the back of the velvet the closer the weave the better!  If the velvet is “linen backed” this shows a high quality velvet.



Since many runway styles are re-inventions of the past and fashion works on a cycle, vintage is quite often the easiest way to nab a runway aesthetic at a fraction of the price. While amazing pieces can be found at thrift outlets for as low as a loonie a piece, vintage boutiques offer a smaller selection for mostly reasonable rates.

Collar Jewels

collar jewels

While collar tips may have reached their climax earlier this year, collar jewels are making a comeback. They are beautiful, and quite an unexpected way to wear jewels. For an even easier way to try this trend, try pinning your favourite studs and vintage clip on earrings onto your collar. Instant statement, zero cost. You can also DIY Hair Accessories.






Impactful Knits

chunky knit

Knits are one of the easiest ways to make an impact. Choose knits with colour and that play with size, i.e. big chunky knits! With knitwear already on discount, and a second round of sales coming up on Boxing Day, it will be even easier to capitalize on the knitwear trend this month.







Exposed Zippers

exposed zipper

Thick silver zippers stand out, and were huge in the ‘90s, but are rarely used by affordable brands today. Replacing regular or hidden zippers on pieces you already own is another fun way to try the trend at a relatively low cost.


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