Holiday Sequins


Sequins are a great way to spice up your outfit, especially during the holidays.  Sequins are a great look not only for New Years, but can how be worn during the day! You’re probably wondering how?! Well here’s how!

  1. Mix your sequins with something more casual such as a pair of denim or cotton sweater
  2. Wearing neutral colours, such as nudes and earth tones will tone it down
  3. An oversized, classic striped tee mixed with a sequin skirt, pants, or shorts. The juxtaposition of the casual tee with the fancy sequins makes for a super appealing combination.
  4. Wear a sequin skirt with a chambray button-down, a cargo jacket, and a classic tan handbag. If you’re feeling a bit more bold, add a chunky necklace and a leopard cardigan.
  5. Wear a sequin tank layered with flannel button-down, black jeans, and a beanie, this will give you a super casual look
  6. Pair a shiny bag (or shoes) with your daily outfit. It’s a safe and easy way to give your outfit some serious sparkle!

What about if you want to dress up some sequins?!

  1. If you really want to make an impact, layer some jewellery, but try it with some bracelets, multiple necklaces on sequins may be over bearing, neutral tones are best!

 shan 5 edit shan4edit 

           2. Turn up the glam factor for the party season by adding a little glitter — or a lot! To ace a dramatic sequined outfit without looking over the top, opt for subtler dark-hued paillettes like midnight blue, black or gunmetal gray.

              3. Tone down the bam with a sensible jacket!

shan2edit shan1edit


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