Outside In

birdy4When decorating I love bringing in elements from the exterior.  Wood accents, and florals can really ground you, and bring you back to your roots.  A great way to update your coffee table or little nook (like I did in this instance) is by creating a coffee table centre piece.

  1. Start by finding a vintage serving platter.  I found mine at Homesense, but really any serving plater you can find that goes with your interior theme will do!
  2. Add crystals, stones, seeds, or beads, which ever you prefer to the tray
  3. Place in nature themed candles and ornaments (I used some bird decor pieces), odd number are good, they create interest for the eye.
  4. Get an interesting vase and fill with real or silk flowers in a colour that accents your interior
  5. If the platter is large enough place the vase on the platter along with the candles, etc
  6. Et Voila, you’re done, a great way to add pizazz to your little nook or coffee table!

P.S. if you are looking to create more space in your little nook, try adding a mirror, it expands the size of the room and makes it feel bigger.  For a vintage feel try a round mirror like the one I added!

birdyvasemirror birdy1 birdy3


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