How to Beat A Winter Cold


If you’re anything like me, during the winter months you are almost guaranteed to catch a nasty winter cold, lucky for me its usually around Christmas time (lame!).  Since it’s become a pretty common occurrence, and I’m currently struggling with it,  I’ve decided to figure out how to not let this bug ruin my holiday season, or anytime of year for that matter! It’s a horrible feeling when you start to feel all congested, your throat becomes all scratchy and thick, then the sneezes start and boom! You’re laying in bed with a heavy head not being able to enjoy the holiday.  Having done countless research on the internet this is what I’ve come up with, and believe it or not I got most of my tips from my favourite brand Free People‘s blog (who says fashion cant cure the world?!)

Try these tricks from Free People with a few added by yours truely!

Vitamin C– pump up the VC! Orange juice is a great way to fight a cold, so keep the liquids flowing baby!

Vitamin D – Cold season is most popular during the months when there’s little sunlight, by taking vitamin D3 you will decrease your chances of a cold.

Garlic – I know it’s really stinky but, this traditional home remedy can help ward off a cold thanks to it’s antiviral abilities.  If you don’t like the taste of it on it’s own, try cooking with it as much as possible.

Sleep –  If you feel a cold coming, the best thing to do is sleep it out as this will boost your immune system (this is something I know i’ve been lacking especially during the holiday season but its important!

Zinc –  Always have some zinc lozenges on you, ready for when the first signs kick in. They can lessen the duration.

Drink Water – This will help cleanse your nasal passages and wash away bacteria.

No Dairy –  If you are congested stay away from dairy. Dairy products help to promote mucus and it will become much thicker.


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