A Dream Jar for the New Year


I was thinking about New Years and New Years resolutions.  I came across this awesome idea when I was trying to figure out a cool twist to the traditional New Year’s resolution.  I assume most people, like myself, are all ‘gung-ho’ about fulfilling their resolutions for the first few months, or weeks of the year, then come March forget about them. And so my search for an innovative way to not only remember my resolutions but live them began.  I stumbled across this; a dream jar, and fell in love with the idea. What is a dream jar? Basically it’s a mason jar filled with items that symbolize various goals and hopes for the year ahead. What I love about it, since you are making and customizing it for yourself, it becomes a DIY project not only for your soul, but for the home as well!

dreamjar2Collect and gather little trinkets, mementos, photographs, and objects that have special meanings for you. Examples that were given on BLDG 25 included a photograph or a motivational quote, a paint brush if you wish to paint more, a fork if you want to cook more, or a buddha as symbol for a more zen lifestyle.


Arrange the items in the jar however you would like.  Place the jar around your home or office in a spot where you will see it daily.  This will remind you of what you want to accomplish this year and can be seen as a talisman of motivation and inspiration! Come the end of the year, the jar will be like a little time capsule of your year that you can treasure forever! Wouldn’t it be cool to do this every year, and have a whole shelf of dream jars?


car wants to knowWhat are you going to put in your dream jar?!

Share your ideas! Leave a comment, I’d love to hear!

Idea and Photo Source: DIY Dream Jar For The New Year | Free People Blog http://blog.freepeople.com/2012/12/diy-dream-jar-year/#ixzz2GNSGwMVN


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