Fresh Start For A New Year

We are two days in to the new year and 2013 is gonna rock….I can just feel it already! But there’s something to be said about a clean slate.  I love this article I found on the BLDG 25 Blog posted by fp bridgette! Take a read, might help you wipe away the last year and create start fresh! Everyone needs that at least once in their life!


The physical differences from December 31st to January 1st may be minuscule, but in my mind these two days are polar opposites. New Year’s Eve serves as a conclusion to a chapter of life. It’s a time of looking back; one of reflection upon all I’ve experienced and a celebration of what I’ve achieved. New Year’s Day always feels like a fresh start. I feel like there’s a clean slate ahead of me and I’m ready to take on whatever the world feels like throwing my way. I think it’s healthy to start the new year off with a fresh perspective, opening your eyes to new ideas and ways of thought. To reach this mentally, there’s something you can do physically – and it involves your home decor. It’s something I’ve been doing since I was a little girl and it’s always helped to clear my mind and look at things in a new light: rearrange.

Every time I feel like I’m ready for a change in my home or just in general life, I do some rearranging. Sometimes it’s just a little rearranging of the tiny trinkets I have on top of my dresser, and sometimes it’s a matter of moving every single piece of furniture I own. Maybe this is the decorator in me speaking, but there is something so soothing about putting on some awesome music and positioning objects in different ways again and again until something “clicks.” I’ll rearrange an area, take a step back, exhale, and then sense how I feel when I look at it. What they say about love holds true for decorating: “When you know, you know.” As soon as a vignette or room gives me the feeling I was in search on, I move on to the next area – or not, if I feel like that was all I needed. Once I’m done I usually just relax for a bit, admiring the new look and soaking it all in. This always leaves me feeling refreshed and energized – it’s incredible.

If you want to prep your mind (and your home) for the new year, you should absolutely give this a try. Here’s a little home inspiration to get you started!





Source: Home Decor Ideas & Unique Home Decor | Free People Blog


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