This time of year is a popular time for many people to start setting goals and resolutions!  A goal is defined as the result or achievement toward which effort is directed; aim; end.  It’s been said that goals are wishes with an action plan.  You’re probably thinking, thats all great but how to I do even start?! Here are some great ways to set goals (posted by Carolyn a fellow Lululemon employee!) and make them public, if made public, your goals are more likely to be achieved, fact.


1. chalkboard goals

A set of goals buried away in a desk drawer or in an email folder somewhere doesn’t get you anywhere. Making goals public and visible is one of the most important things you can do to ensure you hold yourself accountable to your goals, and remind yourself what exactly it is you are hoping to accomplish out of this life.

I keep my goals visible on a BIG chalkboard in my kitchen, along with another chalkboard in my dining room. My partner sees my goals and I’m faced with my dreams and ambitions each and every day. This keeps me focused on action. Plus they do double duty as home décor.

2. goals on twitter

I tweet my goals! Any time I come up with a new goal I am working on, I share it with my followers and they help hold me accountable.

3. goals on facebook

I update my Facebook status when I set new goals, again ensuring that my friends help hold me accountable. This also leads to conversation around my goals, helping me flush out the details and create strategic and fun plans to support them.

4. blogging goals

I update my goals a handful of times a year on my personal blog. I like using a list format to feel like I am really making headway, and I cross the goals off through the year as I achieve them. There is a comment function on my blog, and it’s a great space to get support and create conversation around some of the biggest, baddest and scariest goals. I also share my goals on the lululemon.com blog and on our internal company blog. The more people that read my goals means more people that can support me in achieving them in one way or another.

5. goals at work

I have a framed copy of my goals front and centre on my desk at work; framed in a big white Ikea frame. At our office in Vancouver we post our goals in the stairwell. Everyone walking between floors sees our goals, and it’s an incredible way to start conversations and get related with our coworkers.

6. goals as art

I actually frame old copies of my goals and hang them on my wall at home. It’s a neat way to see a progression of my goals over time. It’s humbling to see the goals I set and revised or didn’t achieve, and inspiring to see all the ones I did!

7. writing goals; with a pen

As the Digital Innovation Manager for lululemon, I rarely use a pen anymore. I tote around two laptops most places I go, and am never more than a centimetre or two from a keyboard. Most of my goals are typed – in one form or another. For me, handwriting my goals feels quite special. I have a handwritten, paper version of my goals tacked to my fridge. There’s something about putting pen to paper that gets the creativity out of me. The format I use when I write my goals by hand also changes. I like to use a brainstorm bubble from time to time. This paints a more vivid picture of my life rather than using a rigid format.

8. email

I use a tool called FutureMe.org! This website allows you to email yourself in the future. Why not try emailing yourself your goals right before their due date? Just last week I got an email from myself (from 5 years ago no less) that asked me if I was “working for myself yet?” The answer is yes (I run a business in my non-lululemon time) and it felt great getting a kick in the bum from my past self!

9. online tools

43Things is another personal favourite online resource for me.  Changing the format keeps goal setting fresh.

10. goals as passwords

I’m pretty sure this “goal setting tip” secures my fate as being the ultimate geek. For all my online passwords, whether it’s email, Facebook, Foursquare or wherever else I am online, I create a unique password that is tied to my goals. For example, if I had a goal to “Attend 30 hot yoga classes in one month” I might set a password like HotYoga30. Think about how many times you enter a password online each day. 10 times? 200? Each and every time you are faced with that login screen, you’ll also be reminded of your goals. This helps ensure your goals are top of mind and creates a space for goal setting 365 days a year.



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