Mini, Midi, Maxi Dresses: How We Wear Them

Love this post from BLDG 25 blog, had to share it with y’all! All pieces available online from Free People!


We love a great dress but sometimes it’s often hard to decide which length to go with. Right now we have a huge selection of dresses online from mini, midi, and maxi, all with beautiful details.  Here we tested out our favorite lengths on Brigette to see if we could decide which style we will be wearing when spring comes.

I always find that because I’m short the mini length looks most flattering on me and most of the time wear tunics as dresses. However, I do love the elegance of a maxi dress and tend to in the spring/summer months go back and forth on both of them.

For our mini length we chose our Moonrise Dip Dye Tunic worn with Galveston BootKate Hat and then accessorized with our Filagree Cuff.


For a  midi dress we loved our FP One Imperial Palm Tuck Dress it sits just above the knee and looks great with its print, we teamed it with two statement pendants our Zapoteca Pendant and our Leather Stone Pouch Pendant that has lavender inside to calm your mind.

Untitled-8 Untitled-41 Untitled-9For a maxi look with can’t get over how pretty our FP One Cast Away Gown is,  it has neon pink stitching piecing together the patchwork lace making it a little different and unique.

Untitled-10 Untitled-111

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Source: We Love Mini, Midi And Maxi Dresses | Free People Blog


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