Must Read: Fashioning Reality By Ben Barry


I’ve found my newest page turner, Fashioning Reality by Ben Barry!  Such a great read! I’m currently reading it for the Social Entrepreneurship class I’m taking in college and I can honestly say this is the first time I have enjoyed any assigned reading!

Ben Barry is a Canadian entrepreneur, author, and women’s health advocate.  He is the founder and CEO of the Ben Barry Agency.  The Ben Barry Agency is a modelling agency known for its use of diverse models.

At fourteen, Ben decided to help a friend who had spent money on modeling school but wasn’t receiving any work because she didn’t have ‘the right look.’ Ben sent her pictures to a local magazine and three weeks later, he had successfully booked his first contract’and found his career. He started the Ben Barry Agency in 1997 while still in grade school. Today, the agency scouts and sources models of diverse ages, backgrounds, and sizes; models who have appeared in high-profile fashion magazines and on runways around the world. Fashioning Reality is the fast-paced story of a young entrepreneur whose refreshing approach is changing the fashion industry and influencing the popular perceptions of beauty in the media. Ben shares his challenges, his successes, and his struggles to run a business that remains consistent with his personal values. In running a company that makes a profit by making social change, Ben is only one in a growing movement. He outlines this new model of entrepreneurship and shares the stories of other young business people who are doing well by doing good.
(Google Books)

This is a fantastic book for any of you obsessed with the fashion industry like I am.  It really gives you a new perspective and a new take on a usually pretty black and white industry. I recommend this book to everyone!



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