Spring Style: Flats


Spring is almost upon us and that means its almost flats season! Being tall myself I can really appreciate a good trendy pair of flats.  This season we are seeing lots of embellished flats.  Bows, gems, glitter and studs (a huge trend this season, Aldo is currently carrying some amazing studded flats and loafers) can be seen adorning women’s feet this season.


Nudes, mint greens, pale pinks, and whites are the hot colours for Spring 2013. Most of these colours are very versatile and can be paired with most other colours (alway a bonus!).  Flats are a great shoe to wear day to night.  Use them to add detail to your outfit (use pattered, glittered, or patented flats).  They always look great in a complimentary colour to your outfit, really adds a pop!


TIP ALERT!!!!!!: Flats can either be the most comfortable shoe you own or the most uncomfortable.  To make sure you wont be bothered when wearing them, wear your shoes around the house before wearing them outside.  This may take a couple of days but believe me its worth it.  Still too uncomfortable to even wear around the house? Put on a pair of thick socks (thick gym socks are often best) and put the flats on around the house.  This will add more force when stretching and save your feet from those horrible blisters!


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