Creative Gift Wrapping


Spring is rolling around the corner and with that comes spring time events, weddings, birthdays, and other gift giving soirées!  I know I love nothing more then giving someone a gift  that really makes an impact and creates an impression from the moment they see it!  Get creative with your gift wrapping! I try and find old papers from around my home that I can recycle and objects that can add a little bit of prettiness.

Most stuff you can find around the home!  Old calendars (like in the photo), magazine cut outs, vintage papers, maps, etc, are always awesome options for gift wraps.  Top it off with some string, ribbon, flowers, or what I especially love (as seen in the photo) feathers!
gift_wrapping2 gift_wrapping3
Old brown parcel paper is another great alternative.  What I love about this wrapping is it doubles as the card! You can write right on the package a special message, and to and from! Grab some ink stamps and get creative with your message!



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