DIY: Stencil Text on Fabric

Who LOVES fabric markers?! I have to say, they are definitely one of my favourite tools! Paired with a stencil you can use them to etch and sketch your favorite quote on a tea towel, apron, t-shirt, table runner, pillow cover, place mat, cloth napkin—anything you can think of! I personally love the pillow cover, trace on your favourite quote or song lyrics to really personalize your space, and make it YOU!

fabric item you want to stencil on (I love stencilling linen pillow covers)
some cardboard
a pencil
a letter stencil
a fabric marker (If you don’t plan on putting the item in the wash, a black sharpie works great too!)


Step by step:

After choosing your quote, wrap your fabric over the cardboard to keep the marker from bleeding through and to keep the fabric stretched out smooth.

Use a pencil to stencil your quote onto the fabric. If you mess up the spacing you can erase the pencil lines and redo them. You can’t fix mistakes when you’re using the fabric marker, so don’t skip the pencil step.

Once you’ve penciled everything in, go at it with your fabric marker! I found it easiest to use the stencil for the outline of each letter, and then remove the stencil to fill the letters in.

The Sharpie fabric marker packaging didn’t say anything about heat setting the ink, but I will probably press my fabric before I wash it, just to be safe.


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