Never Underestimate A Good Spring Cleaning!


With the weather changing, especially here in BC where I live, Spring is most definitely just around the corner! Anyone who knows me knows I’m a total neat freak and love a real good cleanin’.  Found this article on my favourite blog, surprise surprise, BLDG 25, on the benefits of a good spring cleaning.  Wanted to share with you!

Whenever spring comes, I feel like it’s a fresh start of the year, the grey and long winter days start to disappear, and you feel a slightly new life and energy come over you.

In order to spring into the season, a good spring cleaning is a must. It helps kick off a fresh start and revitalizes your mind and your home. Here are five benefits of a good spring clean.

1 – It gives a sense of accomplishment: Spring cleaning can be a big project, especially if you decide to do your entire house and all the no0ks and crannies that go with it.  It’s hard work, but it’s worth it. Maybe when you’re done you can reward yourself with a nice long, hot bath.

2 – It can relieve stress, leading to better health. Having clutter is stressful. When you are disorganized, it’s stressful, it can weigh on your mind and make you frustrated. If your space is organized you can relax and breathe and enjoy your space!


3 – Get creative. Whenever I clean I always try to change things around a little, so it feels like you have a little change in your home. Maybe I will move a table to a different side of the room, rearrange a shelf, and position the couch at a new angle. It’s makes cleaning more fun.

4 – Feel good.  When I tidy I always try to get rid of items that I don’t need anymore. I build up a bag for Goodwill, it feels good on the heart.

5- Have a dinner party. Lastly, once you’re done with a full day of cleaning your home and feeling proud of what you’ve accomplished, throw a dinner party in the evening to celebrate with your friends. This will make you feel proud of your clean home.

So, over the next couple of weeks, on a day that’s bright and sunny, open your windows. Let the fresh air in and do a good old spring clean before the season kicks in!

Source: 5 Benefits Of A Spring Clean | Free People Blog


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