3 Workout Hair Styles (….That Aren’t Just Your Regular Ponytail!)

Working out has always been something I’ve loved to do in my free time! If you’re workin’ hard there’s no way you’re going to by pass gettin’ sweaty, but why not look cute while you’re working your buns?! Found this great post from FP Naomi on BLDG 25, 3 Workout Hair Styles that are just as killer as your right hook!


Who has a New Year’s resolution to get in shape? Are you finding that commitment waning after passing the two week mark? That’s why you have to spice up the routine. Play games with yourself, make it something new. Mess around with new hairstyles that will make you feel good at the gym. Ok, it may be a way of procrastinating before actually hitting the treadmill, but who cares?! As long as you get a workout in, we’re good. Here are three (easy) hair tricks to make you a bit more enthused for your next gym visit.

Step One: Throw your hair into a high ponytail for each hairstyle. We all have this one down. I told you these would be easy ;).


Step Two (The Killer Fishtail): Instead of turning your pony into a regular braid, try a fishtail. It adds interest to the look, and gives a tough sporty vibe.


Step Three (The Ballet Bun): Don’t undo your fishtail! This time, wrap it around the base of your pony to make a bun. Use bobby pins to secure. I love how elegant this one is. Perfect for a Pilates or barre class!



Step Four (Four Snakes): Go back to the beginning and start with a ponytail. Split the pony into four sections and turn each into its own braid. This is another one that will make you feel tough. Heading to the boxing gym or just need some extra confidence? This is the one for you.


Happy gym-ing everyone!


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