I’d Rather Wear Flowers In My Hair, Than Diamonds Around My Neck

Life is in full bloom! Last Monday night we opened the windows, let the breeze in, and put flowers in our hair, literally! lululemon Kelowna, A New Leaf Florals, and Whitewood Studios hosted a floral crown making workshop at heArt School Studio, in downtown Kelowna, as part of a new workshop series.  This invite only event played host to creativity, amazing blooms, style, and community!

Located in the heart of downtown Kelowna, heArt School Studios is a hidden gem.  With it’s vintage loft feel, this converted space was the perfect stage for our night of boho flare.


Melinda, owner of A New Leaf Florals, led us, a group of 20ish specially invited ladies, through the steps of making floral crown.  Let me tell you, it is harder than you would think! Crazy respect for Melina, and her team, who make it look so easy! Melinda brought with her a variety of beautiful blooms for us to choose from.  Everything from massive peonies, roses, purple veronica, to delicate baby’s breath, rounded out the stunning spread of choices.


First we picked our blooms.  Depending upon the size of your crown, and whether you want large or small flowers, your number of pieces will vary.


Next we grabbed our wire, and created a frame for our crown.  Wire cutters and green tape quickly became our best friends.  Melinda showed us different techniques of attaching our flowers to the frame.  Quickly, works of art began to take form.  Each crown was unique and really was a representation of everyone’s personality.






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