DIY Hand -Stamped Linen Napkins

This is so so cool! I read this post on a wicked blog called Cottage In the Oaks. She did such a great job, I had to repost it! I’m definitely doing this as my next DIY project!

[To read original article click here]



You will  need:

100% linen or cotton napkins…..other materials will not work.

Stamp/stamps of your choice {not too detailed…it will blob}

Acrylic paint in your choice of color

Fabric medium to mix with the acrylic paint {you can find this with the small bottles of acrylic paint in art stores}

Small paint brush

Newspaper or plastic to put under napkins as you stamp



How you do it:

Prewash and iron napkins if they have not already had that done

Lay napkins out on your work surface that has been covered with paper or plastic….with the area you want stamped easily accessible

Mix the acrylic paint with the fabric medium…..I always put a bit more than what is recommended, because, well….#1 – I’m not good at following directions, and #2 – I think it works better.

Using the small paint brush…brush the paint onto the stamp. Be sure to not get too much. You might want to practice stamping on cardboard a few times before aiming at the napkins.

Position the stamp and press down on the napkin. DO NOT ROCK BACK & FORTH. I have a tendency to do this…and always end up making a mess of my graphic. ugh. And, by the way, you can’t repair mistakes at this point. So, go at it with no fear….but don’t rock!

Do this with each napkin and allow them to sit out for several hours to completely dry.

After 24 hours….iron over the stamped area of each napkin with a hot iron. You are ‘heat-setting’ the graphic to make it permanent.

Then, wash and dry your napkins!


You have your very own set of original linen napkins!


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