Fall Inspiration: Henna & Wood Burned Pumpkins

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It’s fall, and that means crisp fall nights, cozy fires, and indoor craft time! This past weekend I visited a local farm orchard and picked out my pumpkins.  Looking online for inspiration I found these lovelies on my favourite blog BLDG 25. I love the use of henna as an alternative to the traditional carve. Here’s the “how to” on these beautiful pumpkins.

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The white and blue pumpkins are quoted as working out best with these techniques.  If you are looking for a more traditional take, orange ‘kins work too for a more tone on tone look. Next, you’ll need a wood burner and some henna. Most craft stores should carry both of these things. I personally have never used a wood burner but BLDG 25 says “the wood burner is simple to use – all you need is an outlet! For the henna, depending on the type you get, just follow the directions to prepare it. Mine was ready in 45 minutes.”

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First, draw out your design in pencil directly onto the gourd or pumpkin. The henna application and wood burning process will be a lot easier if you have a line to follow. Feel free to look online for henna stencils too if you aren’t confident within your creative ability! The earthy color of the henna looks great against a lighter color, BLDG 25 chose to use it on the white pumpkin. Starting from the top and working your way down works best. Try to keep a steady hand, and the more consistent you are with the line thickness, the better your design will look.

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If you are going to try wood burning, BLDG 25 highly recommends doing it on a blue pumpkin. The wood burner will carve away some of the flesh from the pumpkin, leaving a dark blue/green outline. Don’t be alarmed by the burning smell…this is supposed to happen! Use caution when doing this technique because the wood burner gets very hot.Processed with VSCOcam with c3 preset

Use a thick cloth to wipe off the excess pumpkin flesh from the tip every now and then to avoid build up. This will help to achieve a thinner line.
Processed with VSCOcam with c3 presetAll done! Let’s get creative y’all!

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Source: Henna & Wood Burned Pumpkins 


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