Plaid on Plaid, My Holiday Style

Plaid: any fabric woven of differently colored yarns in a crossbarred pattern.

What the definition should read: Carly’s favourite holiday pattern, can be seen wearing this pattern almost everyday, often to the point that others will comment on said pattern and the amount of times she has worn in it in one week…..

It’s no secret, I do love a good crossbarred pattern. With a simple plaid it really can upgrade your outfit instantly.  Adding a pop of colour to your tone on tone outfit, or bringing a fun twist to your holiday outfit, plaid really is a winter closet staple.

There are so many different types of plaids, patterns, and colours you really can’t go wrong with any of them. The key to mixing plaids and patterns is to have a central colour that is consistent between them all. This will give your eye a home base and really allow you to master the art of mixing and matching. Still need some inspiration? I’ve curated some of my favourite plaid looks from the internet (photos from Some with great layering ideas, and others to inspire plaid no matter what your signature style is.

**P.S as an added bonus for you local girls, I’ve done the work for you! Below each photo you can find where in our local mall, Orchard Park Shopping Centre, you can find these great pieces! You’re welcome, let the shopping begin!**


Toque: Gap, Plaid and Jeans: Aeropostale, Booties: Old Navy


Scarf: Garage


Pants: Old Navy


Plaid: American Eagle, Top and Jeans: The Bay, Boots: The Bay


Dress: Old Navy, Denim Shirt: Garage and/or Urban Planet, Wool Hat: Influence, Flats: Urban Planet


Sweater: Gap, Plaid: Garage, Brown Skinny Jeans: Garage, Booties: Spring and/or Aldo



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