Orchard Park: Inspiring Style

March 21, 2015- Spring in to Action

IMG_5415Spring has sprung in the Okanagan, and you know what that means! Bikini season is right around the corner. This spring season, my look is inspired by my passion for fitness. [Outfit details below]

Knowing what your fitness goal is, and being very clear on expectations is the best way to ensure you see results. By setting a goal you know what you are working towards and keep motivation high, even when all you want to do is sit and drink that wine!

Like most women my age, I’m always trying to tone my butt, core, and get those shapely (not manly) arms. I tend to bulk fast and easy in my shoulders and arms, and hate running. My goal, with help from my bff and training buddy Kelsey, is to incorporate cardio in to my circuits to increase my odds of cutting and strengthening vs. straight bulking.

While living in Edmonton I found a love for Barre. Barre focuses on mini muscle groups that increase our stability. Inspired by dance and Pilates, Barre makes you feel and look longer, leaner, and tighter. Combining a Barre class, with yoga and circuit training I’m increasing my odds of burning the maximum amount of calories, keeping my heart rate up, and burning those cals throughout my week, in and out of the gym/studio.

IMG_5328 Here’s one of my favourite workouts to do at the gym (**note: I’am not a personal trainer, this is just a sample of my favourite go to’s at the gym!)

Equipment Needed:

Kettle bell
Resistance Band

Repeat each circuit 3x

 Circuit 1:

1) Tricep Kickbacks
12 reps each arm
With your right knee on the weight bench, take your weight in your left hand. Hold the weight so your arm is at a 90 degree angle in line with your side. Extend the weight back, movement only from your elbow. Repeat 12 on left side and 12 on right side.

2) Kettle bell Dead Lift
12 reps
Squat to the ground (watch your knees! Don’t let them go beyond your toe) with the kettle bell in your hands. Arms straight, push through your feet to rise to a stand, arms still straight. Engage your butt muscles on the rise. Lower back to a squat, repeat 12 times.

3) Mountain Climbers
25 total
Starting in plank position, bring your left leg to your left elbow, and switch, right leg to right elbow, in a consistent motion.

 Circuit 2:
1) Bicep Curls
12 each side
Hold a weight in each hand, start with arms semi-straight with a slight bend to ensure muscles are engaged. Raise both arms up (or one at a time), engaging your core as you bring the weights up and down.

2) Weighted Jump squat
15 reps
Hold weight under chin and lower your bum. Bring your body up immediately to a standing position and jump!

3) 1 minute plank

Circuit 3:
1) Lying Side Leg Raises with Resistance Band
12 each leg
Lying on one side, extend legs out straight. With the resistance band placed around your legs, just above your knees, raise to your top leg and lower. 12 reps each leg, and switch.

2) Leg Curls
15 reps each leg
Starting in bridge pose, on all fours. Straighten your right leg and extend in line with your body. Bending at the knee, bend your leg so your right leg is at a 90 degree angle. Lift and lower your right leg (foot flexed, looks like you are stamping the roof with your foot) never lowering lower then your back. Repeat with left leg.

3) Leg lower
12 reps
Lying on your back straighten your legs. Raise your legs to 45 degrees and slowly lower to a hover above the ground. Repeat slowly for 12 reps.

Happy workout!

Outfit Details:

IMG_6031Tank: Old Navy
Bra: Nike [Sport Chek]
Crops: Under Amour [Sport Chek]
Shoes: Nike Free Runs 5.0 [Sport Chek]- these are seriously the only running shoe you will ever need….ever


February 3, 2015– Woodland Bohemian- Winter Style


Multi-layers, textures, and patterns are this winters go tos. Mixing of plaid, faux fur, leathers and metallics add interest and functionality to this outfit.

Visit OrchardParkStyle.com to shop this looks!



December 9, 2014- Plaid On Plaid, My Holiday Style

Plaid: any fabric woven of differently colored yarns in a crossbarred pattern.

What the definition should read: Carly’s favourite holiday pattern, can be seen wearing this pattern almost everyday, often to the point that others will comment on said pattern and the amount of times she has worn in it in one week…..

It’s no secret, I do love a good crossbarred pattern. With a simple plaid it really can upgrade your outfit instantly.  Adding a pop of colour to your tone on tone outfit, or bringing a fun twist to your holiday outfit, plaid really is a winter closet staple.

There are so many different types of plaids, patterns, and colours you really can’t go wrong with any of them. The key to mixing plaids and patterns is to have a central colour that is consistent between them all. This will give your eye a home base and really allow you to master the art of mixing and matching. Still need some inspiration? I’ve curated some of my favourite plaid looks from the internet (photos from WeHeartIt.com) Some with great layering ideas, and others to inspire plaid no matter what your signature style is.

**P.S as an added bonus for you local girls, I’ve done the work for you! Below each photo you can find where in our local mall, Orchard Park Shopping Centre, you can find these great pieces! You’re welcome, let the shopping begin!**


Toque: Gap, Plaid and Jeans: Aeropostale, Booties: Old Navy


Scarf: Garage


Pants: Old Navy


Plaid: American Eagle, Top and Jeans: The Bay, Boots: The Bay


Dress: Old Navy, Denim Shirt: Garage and/or Urban Planet, Wool Hat: Influence, Flats: Urban Planet


Sweater: Gap, Plaid: Garage, Brown Skinny Jeans: Garage, Booties: Spring and/or Aldo




September 12, 2014– Fall in to Style


Photo by Sharla Pike Photography

This fall season’s style short list includes layers, weights, patterns, and textures. Bold new silhouettes and experimentation with new materials can be seen on and off the runway.

Fall knits are nothing too chunky or too intricate. My favourite knit for this fall season has a “burlap-esque” texture, fine enough to wear. Bringing that rough texture to an otherwise delicate top layer adds intrigue, especially when paired with a smooth texture such as leather.

    IMG_4908    IMG_4928


Oversized silhouettes are back again this fall. Boyfriend silhouettes, best styled with a skimming, skinny silhouettes on the bottom provide you the best all round balance of the oversized trend.

Multi layered accessories, such as different lengths of pearls and jewels, add a soft finish to an otherwise masculine look of rough textures and boyfriend tailored pieces.

Colours such as Cypress Green, Bright Cobalt, Sangria, Misted Yellow, and Aluminium, as seen on the February 2014 runways, have finally hit stores!

My take on this combination of fall colours, silhouettes, and textures is what I like to call “classically modern.”


Fitted Boyfriend Chambray Button Up- Gap

Skinny Mini Zip Khaki- Gap

Multi-layer Pearl and Jems- Aldo

JT-2720 khaki

Cocoon Jacket with Leather Details- Papillion, found at Influence

To follow the other women of Orchard Park Shopping Centre’s style, visit www.orchardparkstyle.com.



August 11, 2014– The Big Reveal!


I’m so excited! I’ve been chosen, along with 8 other beautiful women of our local community to be The Inspiring Women of Orchard Park Style! Over the next 12 months we will share our own personal style, along with the must have pieces of the season.  We are all looking forward to sharing our style tips and tricks with you, while inspiring style across the Okanagan! Follow me on this journey, I’ll be posting here my must haves, go to pieces, laughs, and obviously style!

To meet all of the beautiful ladies click here!




Photography by the beautiful Sharla Pike!


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