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July 31, 2014- Do Beautiful Things



June 20-2014- Let’s Go To the Beach

Summertime is here! Salt in the air and sand in my hair, nothing is better! Here’s my  Summer 2014 inspiration board!

beachboho1boho2boho3boho4largelarge (1)large (2)

December 12, 2013– 10 Sweet Little Winter Moments


Winter is here. The season of natural stillness. Whether we like it or not, we are a part of the season, both inside, and out.  During this time of the year we often find ourselves busier & more stressed than ever. There is a tightness in our chest. With the holidays, and visiting family, and a grandpa who won’t stop calling you by your sister’s name, it might seem as though life is rushing by.

But for the sake of your body, your mind, and your spirit, you must slow down. You must find sweetness in all the frozen moments.

And so, the fourth part in my 10 Sweet Little Moments series will be about the winter, in hopes that you will turn each icicle and mug of cocoa into a reason to meditate.


In the morning, when the windows are all fogged from the breath of sleep and the day has yet to unfold from the sky, pull a pair of wool socks over your toes. Do this slowly – there’s no need to rush – and feel each unroll of the soft fabric as a warm embrace on your ankle, your calf, and maybe even up to the slope of your knee. Tuck your legs to your chest and smile.

Try to feel the outside from within. In the winter, it seems that all the smells and sounds of the world have been frozen and captured in ice breath and sharp air. Each inhale sits heavy in your ribs. Before you wipe the layer of grey from the window and cup your hands to see outside, try to taste the air and guess what the weather will be like. Imagine the light of day before you see it.


When the morning has ripened and the frozen sun is out to thaw the ground, go for a walk. Bundle up, layer yourself in cardigans and jackets and scarves, pull on your boots, and hide your hands in your pockets. Just because it’s chilly out doesn’t mean that you must enjoy the day from only inside. You don’t need to be out long. Just enough to bring life back into your winter bones. Look up at the undressed trees, branches woven like a basket in the sky, and take comfort in the fact that the leaves will return. Like all things lost, they will one day be back, slightly different, and yet the same.

If you have the wonderful privilege of living where it snows, reconnect with your inner child and catch a snowflake on your tongue. What a shame it would be if an entire white winter passed by without you craning your face upwards, squinting your eyes, and tasting a bit of the fallen heavens!


When you return from your walk, pause for a breath with your fingers on the doorknob. Notice the tightness of your skin; the flush in your cheeks; the numbness in the tip of your nose. Breathe in. Then, open the door. Allow yourself to melt. Feel cradled by the warmth and comforted at your very center.

Make hot chocolate on the stovetop – the old fashioned way. Watch the milk come to a simmer and stir the bubbles away with a wooden spoon. Expand into the stillness of the moment and feel the present settle into your ribs. Right now, this hot chocolate is the only thing that matters. Rest in the breath before your first sip, and smile.

From within, watch as winter drops in frozen pieces from the sky. Spend time watching. Allow the day to slow – reassure yourself that you have nowhere to be. Nothing to do, but this. Marvel at both the good weather, and the bad. For even in the most violent of winter storms, through the world is wind whipped and ice covered, there is beauty to be found.

Pull the blankets from the hall closet and cozy yourself under all of them. Whether alone, or with a friend, toes tangled and body heat swelling to fill all the empty spaces between wool and flannel layers. Spend the day like this. Under the covers, doing nothing. There is no shame in hibernating, I promise.

Fill your home with good smells, and warm colors. Light incense and let the smoke curl around the room. Let candles burn through the day, hang wreathes on the walls and string lights from corner to corner. Mull cider, brew tea, bake cakes and pies and things with spices that simmer in your nose and linger on the tongue.

In the winter, it is important that you take comfort in your tribe. This is the season of community. When we all come together in celebration and remembrance of a year nearly passed. I challenge you to release all expectations. Set free the thought of gifts and plans gone right, and elaborate preparations for elaborate gatherings. For a while, simply enjoy the warmth of a full room. Find sweetness in the smiles shared, the hands held, the wine glasses clinked and cocoa served. Be here, in this beautifully thawing moment, and rest in the stillness of the season.


Source: 10 Sweet Little Moments (In Winter) | Free People Blog


July 7, 2013– Fine Finds!


The Styled team is in LOVE LOVE LOVE with this brief! Such a steal!

This weekend was garage sale mania for the Styled team! We found some awesome finds! (Pictures of our finds in this article! Totally Anthropologie inspired!) Garage sales, flea markets and estate sales are fantastic places to find amazing pieces for the house, vintage clothes, and timeless accents.  But its sometimes hard to distinguish between what’s vintage, antique, or just plain junk.
There are some amazing deals to be mined at thrift stores, garage sales, and estate sales, but it can be a bit overwhelming at first. Here’s how to work the racks and aisles.
photo 2-10 photo 3-9 photo 4-7
You’ve always wanted to go treasure hunting but the thought of the unknown has deterred you. Thrift stores can be overwhelming. Most are large, with racks and racks of clothing, shoes and housewares. When walking into one of these stores you need to have a mental game plan. Especially, if you’re a newbie at these types of shopping excursions.  One of the biggest perks to shopping at these market places is saving money. Most thrift stores offer very affordable pricing. Accessories such as ties, jewelry, scarfs and gloves range from $1 to $5, while clothing ranges from $4 – $10, and winter coats go for under $15. Talk about a budget friendly store.  While saving money is great, the very best perk is the hunt. There is no bigger excitement than finding that one-of-a-kind 1920’s vintage trunk. Basically, you never know what you will find. Never! This is the number one reason why you may soon love shopping vintage!
photo 2-9
We found that this lace table cloth was so soft so we decided to drape it over a throw blanket on the bed! Hello! Anthro-inspired bedding for less!

We found that this lace table cloth was so soft so we decided to drape it over a throw blanket on the bed! Hello! Anthro-inspired bedding for less!

So, to help get you started, here are my rules to shopping vintage.
1. Have No Expectations
When walking into any thrift store, it is important to have no expectations. Go into the store, garage sale, etc with a carefree and easygoing attitude. Never have a pre-notion as to what you may find. If you do, you may end up disappointed.
2. Buy Quality Clothing
You may be in a thrift store, but that is no excuse to buy sub- par clothing. Inspect each piece of clothing for rips, stains, missing buttons and broken zippers. Check out the labels to understand where the article came from. For example: A sweater from L.L. Bean is going to last a lot longer than a sweater from Forever 21.
3. Try Things On
Most of the time, there is no return policy at thrift stores. Whether you bought the item for $5 or $105, if it doesn’t fit, you won’t wear it. Don’t waste your money – make sure it fits!
4. Ask About Sales/Discounts
Numerous thrift stores have daily and weekly sales. It is important to ask a sales associate and plan ahead. For example: At the Goodwill, on Mondays, all the blue tags are just $1.
photo 4-6 photo 5-2
5. Have Patience
Plan to go through racks and racks before finding that diamond in the rough. That one-of-a-kind piece is not going to throw itself at you. So get ready to hunt for it.
6. Shop Affluent Towns
Head to a town that is known for its wealth. Check out their local thrift store and you’re more likely to find quality clothing and designer pieces.
7. Get Creative
Pick-up a festive belt to spice up that little black dress. Buy a pair of jeans and cut them into shorts. Purchase a stack of mis- matching plates and give an edge to your next dinner party. Take an old bread box and turn it into a new planter. The possibilities are endless!
8. Have fun!
Make a date out of it! Invite your girlfriends! Our Styled team loves afternoons of hunting, it’s exciting!
photo 3-8
Check out the video! Our Style team put together a little ‘vintage picnic’ with their finds of the day!


June 23, 2013– Feather Fever!

I’m totally in love with any DIY project but this is an awesome way to spruce up any gift wrap! So easy and yet so unique!


April 18, 2013– Shine on…



April 12, 2013– Funny Friday!

Happy Friday everyone! Here’s a little somethin’ to kick off your weekend right!




March 12, 2013- Creative Gift Wrapping


Spring is rolling around the corner and with that comes spring time events, weddings, birthdays, and other gift giving soirées!  I know I love nothing more then giving someone a gift  that really makes an impact and creates an impression from the moment they see it!  Get creative with your gift wrapping! I try and find old papers from around my home that I can recycle and objects that can add a little bit of prettiness.

Most stuff you can find around the home!  Old calendars (like in the photo), magazine cut outs, vintage papers, maps, etc, are always awesome options for gift wraps.  Top it off with some string, ribbon, flowers, or what I especially love (as seen in the photo) feathers!
Old brown parcel paper is another great alternative.  What I love about this wrapping is it doubles as the card! You can write right on the package a special message, and to and from! Grab some ink stamps and get creative with your message!



January 19, 2013- Remember lovelies….



January 16, 2013- Wisdom Wednesday Y’all!



January 13, 2013- Mood Board: January

Thinking forward to Spring, my January mood board is all about being free, a fresh start, fresh flowers, and a fresh perspective! Let the inspiration flow!

“A symbol of new beginnings and a burst of joy out of the cold winter months, holding the promise of the coming spring”


Quote Source: Writing & Creative Inspiration | Free People Blog


January 8, 2012– Everyone Needs To Be Free

Free People: A Look Back from FreePeople on Vimeo.

December 28, 2012- How To Beat A Winter Cold


If you’re anything like me, during the winter months you are almost guaranteed to catch a nasty winter cold, lucky for me its usually around Christmas time (lame!).  Since it’s become a pretty common occurrence, and I’m currently struggling with it,  I’ve decided to figure out how to not let this bug ruin my holiday season, or anytime of year for that matter! It’s a horrible feeling when you start to feel all congested, your throat becomes all scratchy and thick, then the sneezes start and boom! You’re laying in bed with a heavy head not being able to enjoy the holiday.  Having done countless research on the internet this is what I’ve come up with, and believe it or not I got most of my tips from my favourite brand Free People‘s blog (who says fashion cant cure the world?!)

Try these tricks from Free People with a few added by yours truely!

Vitamin C– pump up the VC! Orange juice is a great way to fight a cold, so keep the liquids flowing baby!

Vitamin D – Cold season is most popular during the months when there’s little sunlight, by taking vitamin D3 you will decrease your chances of a cold.

Garlic – I know it’s really stinky but, this traditional home remedy can help ward off a cold thanks to it’s antiviral abilities.  If you don’t like the taste of it on it’s own, try cooking with it as much as possible.

Sleep –  If you feel a cold coming, the best thing to do is sleep it out as this will boost your immune system (this is something I know i’ve been lacking especially during the holiday season but its important!

Zinc –  Always have some zinc lozenges on you, ready for when the first signs kick in. They can lessen the duration.

Drink Water – This will help cleanse your nasal passages and wash away bacteria.

No Dairy –  If you are congested stay away from dairy. Dairy products help to promote mucus and it will become much thicker.

Style is


December 6, 2012– What Matters!



December 5, 2012– Just for you my sweets! Happy Wednesday!



November 28, 2012– Wisdom Wednesday!



November 22, 2012


It’s that time of year again!! Its time to put up those Christmas lights! Had some fun today helping out my daddo with the lights, even Missy helped out!  Froze my buns off though, thank goodness for Starbucks Mint Hot Chocolate! Yummmmmmmy and warm!!


November 21, 2012

iphonecaseJust got this cool baby in the mail! Check out society6 for the most amazing iPhone cases! They offer their art work in canvas, framed prints, shirts, hoodies, etc! What’s even better….they’re offering FREE SHIPPING until Monday (November 26, 2012) HAPPY SHOPPING!


November 21, 2012


A little inspiration to get you through hump day!


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